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【腐】A o D 4【R-18】 by zuzuzuqyooon
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Official Artwork by Kino Hinoki | Twitpic

『NO.6 beyond』発売おめでとうございます。

ivysaur idk it’s so mediocre to me but everyone has different opinions so let me know how you like it later.

ivysaur All the characters are annoying actually, VA is bad, animation is stupid (backgrounds and stuff are pretty cool though gives it that 3d feel) fighting turn base for me isn’t a problem but for this game it’s so annoying and the fact that you can grind max after one chapter makes everything pointless. The art is such a miss for me and it makes me frustrated the bosses are forgettable the storyline is very very boring to the point where I wish there were a quit option so everyone could be sucked up by the black hole.

       Get a move on!


ちょこん by (yuria**)

"That hurt Iwa-chan~!"


35-year old Aomine-san X 15-year old Kuroko-kun 


A series of short fanfiction stories written by Mushimako-san which is also one of my favorite (○’艸`◎) Kuroko is more Warm and active comparing with Aomine-san because Aomine has to be more cautious as an adult and learn how to restrain himself from Kuroko’s lure. POOR YOU AOMINE~ヾ(●´U`●)ノ


give em the ol razzle dazzle


~*Happy Birthday Sailor Moon*~


"I’ll do whatever you ask me"

JUSSSTT JUSSSTT GIVE ME 5 million more seasons of this pls